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Accelerate to Digital Victory This Year with DigitLab Academy

Welcome to 2019! There’s no better time than the fresh start of the new year to reevaluate the direction of your business and begin exploring new avenues of growth and expansion. Are you wanting to create a personal brand that will shine online? Reach a wider audience with a product or service? Look no further to gather the skills you need to thrive in a digital world.

Seven years ago, DigitLab (voted in as one of KZN’s top 100 businesses) began training marketers and executives in digital skill sets and strategic interventions. Digitlab Academy officially launched in 2016. This world-class, international training has been hugely successful in developing marketers with digital knowledge in order to create complete digital marketing strategies which have revolutionised the way they connect with their audience and affiliates, now and in the future.

Last year, through our partnership with Vega, we trained over 660 people in social media and digital marketing skills. Additionally, we trained 83 people through public workshops and a further 132 in corporate training, where our attendees are able to engage with our highly trained facilitators face-to-face, in a way that is fun and accessible.

The DigitLab Academy is a SETA-registered institution that provides digital skills and strategies to people in a digital age. Our mission is to educate marketers and entrepreneurs in digital skills which cover topics such as social media, SEO, reputation management and online personal branding, so you can create and manage a thriving online presence with measurable, real-life returns.

Are you ready? We are.

Social Media Masterclass – 6th, 7th March and 14th, 15th August
SEO for Marketers – 15th May and 11th September

Social Media Masterclass – 6th, 7th March and 14th, 15th August
SEO for Marketers – 15th May and 11th September

To find out more visit us at https://digitlab.co.za/what-we-do/digitlab-academy. Let’s make 2019 our happiest and most prosperous year yet. See you there!

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