We work with a number of freelancers when demand fluctuates beyond our team’s capacity. Much like our relationship with our clients and the culture of our permanent staff, we partner with freelancers and expect them to embrace the same values that makes us Digitlab.

Gig Economy

With the ever-changing volatility of the marketing world, Digitlab saw the need to become adaptable to answering to the fluctuating ebb and flow of incoming client work, while still keeping the Digitlab team lean and mean.

Protecting our core team through when demand is high keeps us safe from burnout and our creative flame burning strong by removing the need to ‘churn out’ work, while still being able to answer to the client’s needs and demands. Having this as an option allows our team to pour themselves into projects that inspire them, while moving the overflow to our trusted set of vetted freelancers.

On the flip side, using the Gig Economy also allows our freelancers to choose the work that they want to do, and come to a realistic agreed-upon deadline that they will be able to deliver the work to the best of their ability for our clients. We “adopt” our freelancers and embrace them as part of our digital marketing agency. They are more than just a “name and skillset” but become a face that we try to meet and invite to work within our company, if they so choose.

Types of Freelancers

We have an extensive range of freelancers that we can outsource to. This includes designers (with a range of expertise: purely content creation, print, front-end web design, user experience, photography, traditional, branding, Illustration, 2D & 3D animation, typography, videography, motion graphics); Copy Writers (social media, proof-readers, SEO articles, blog writing, editing, press releases, scripts, website copy, newsletters), Social Media Management, Strategy (Social media campaigns, Creative Direction, Consultation, proposals, social media audits), Development (WordPress, eCommerce, responsive websites, apps, API, UX & Prototyping, HTML5, Hybrid Mobile, PHP, Javascript, SQL Database, JQuery, Joomla CMS), and Media (Display & Paid Search, Social Media advertising).

Submission Process

We are fortunate in that many of the freelancers that are currently on our database are past employees – so their work is completely vetted, and the team know how to work with them. Other freelancers are either recommended to us or apply to be added to our database via our Contact Page. Digitlab’s Operation Manager then goes through the rigorous ‘quality check’ process, checking on portfolios of past work, references, and sometimes even doing a practical test created by one of the Heads of Department within the Digitlab team. This work is then reviewed by senior management and, if you wow us, you’ll be included onto the database. To get the ball rolling, please fill in this form:

Freelance For Us

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Last modified: March 6, 2020

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