Central to who we are now as a digital marketing agency is our philosophy and approach to the unique relationship between people and technology. Technology that adds no value to us as people is doomed to fail. But, should it succeed, it has the potential to define our future, how we do business and the everyday lives of our consumers who use it. In Humancentric, Mike lays out a rock-solid framework for building a business that’s ready to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the new environment it will usher in. Humancentric will be available in March 2020.


Influence is key, whether you’re aiming to make a sale, start a business or embarking on a something new. Renowed is an informative read on unlocking the power in your network by leveraging your online presence. Mike details his experiences on building a powerful personal brand that will help amplify and accelerate the work you do. In the book, expect to uncover strategic foundations, content development guidelines and a valuable toolkit of the best apps and web-tools for brand-building. Buy the Renowed book here.

The Five Year Mark

For a business to survive its first five years, it needs to adapt and evolve itself. In The Five Year Mark, Mike Saunders shares a collection of personal stories and lessons he’s learnt while building Digitlab. Totaling 34, easy to digest lessons, the book covers a wide range of lessons, from vision, leadership, operations, personal development, culture and more. The book is organised into 6 sections that collectively cover 34 lessons. Get The Five Year Mark now!

Last modified: March 6, 2020

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